February 25, 2016 Waialae Country Club


The Hawaii Venture Capital Association celebrated its 28th anniversary in 2016 with our search for Hawaii’s most innovative entrepreneurs. You chose who should be named among the next generation of legacy builders.

Thank you for everyone who attended this unique event, which honors the community’s inspiring, successful entrepreneurs in the Hawaii community!




15th Annual Hawaii Venture Capital Association Entrepreneur & Deal of the Year Awards Gala on February 25, 2016 celebrating the biggest successes and innovation leaders of 2015.

Deal of the Year

Tad Glauthier accepting the HVCA Deal Of the Year Award for Stem.


Investor Of The Year

Richard Wacker, represented by Tab Bowers, accepts the HVCA Investor of the Year Award for American Savings Bank.

American Savings Bank

Entrepreneur of the Year

Garrett W. Marrero, represented by Peter Scheider, accepts the HVCA Investor of the Year Award for Maui Brewing Co.

Maui Brewing Co.

Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year

Elliot Parks accepting the HVCA Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Hawaii Biotech, Inc.

Hawaii Biotech, Inc.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Traven Watase accepting the HVCA Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Scholar’s App.

Scholar's App

Clean Tech / Ag Entrepreneur of the Year

Vincent Kimura accepting the HVCA Clean Tech / Ag Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Smart Yields.

Smart Yields

Tech Entrepreneur of the Year

Daniel Nash and Sean Hookano-Briel accepting the HVCA Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Comprendio.


Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year

Samantha Kimsey accepting the HVCA Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Computational Thinkers.

Computational Thinkers

Startup Paradise Champion of the Year

Senator Glenn Wakai of District 15, represented by Josh Chun, accepting the HVCA Startup Paradise Champion of the Year Award.

Senator Glenn Wakai

People's Choice Startup

Mark Quezada, Tiffany Quezada, and Tina Fitch accepting the HVCA People’s Choice Startup of the Year Award for HobNob.



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