Since it started operation, HVCA has endeavored to collaborate with a wide range of organizations, government and faculty that support the growth of a tech economy in Hawaii. We coordinate and support eachothers programs and offer members of aligned organizations access to our programs at the member rate. Here is a list of some of the groups we are aligned with.

Hawaii Angels
High Technology Development Corporation
Dual Use Council

Hawaii Angels

Hawaii Angels is the premier investment network for seed-level private equity investors in Hawaii to share investment opportunities, expertise and due diligence. Hawaii Angels provides a forum for members to review investment presentations and share opinions about these opportunities. This forum also allows for networking with professionals of various backgrounds, and exploring new opportunities in Hawaii. The Hawaii Angels process is proven and well-suited to Hawaii’s start-up scene. Since its founding in February 2002, the member angels have invested more than $30 million in over 50 companies.

ThinkTech Hawaii

Founded by business attorney Jay Fidell, ThinkTech is devoted to producing video of tech events and high quality interviews with tech leaders and othersvinvolved in the global economy. Each quarter ThinkTech and HVCA join to produce half day programs on important topics that impact the growth of Hawaii’s tech economy. ThinkTech video tapes all HVCA luncheons which can be easily replayed on computers and even video capable cell phones.


TechHui is Hawaii’s science, technology and new media community. With more than 1,000 members TechHui brings the tech community into an online forum where special interest groups can form, active and interesting debates among members take place and information about all manner of tech events are posted. Make new friends, find co-venturers get the buzz on the latest technology, software and new media.

High Tech Development Corporation

The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is a state agency that facilitates the growth of the commercial high technology industry in Hawaii. HTDC develops technology centers statewide, creates and identifies marketing opportunities, provides technology education and training, acts as a source of information on the industry, and promotes Hawaii as a place to conduct technology business. HTDC has identified Information Technologies (including multimedia development, digital imaging, Geographic Information Systems, etc) as primary niche technologies which have the greatest potential for technology economic growth over the next five years in terms of quality job creation and revenue generation for the state.