Technology Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalists

Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
This award is meant to honor the geeky tech entrepreneur whose work has created new technology and innovation to make our lives more efficient, fun or better.
RendezView is a collaboration platform for distributed teams, reducing disorganization and overcoming the limitations of current tools by proving collaborative desktops that integrate your collaboration into a single platform saving time and tracking not only the communications but the full collaboration history of your teams. Bring your documents from everyday life into a collaborative environment built for teams.
Kahanu is an all volunteer group that designed and manufactured emergency use bridge ventilators for Hawaii in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All designs were shared as Open Source for other teams to leverage Kahanuʻs work.

Instant Teams is a remote-first, tech-enabled solution building high-quality customer support and operational teams. Their remote teams are built with military spouse and underserved talent communities enabling 24/7 support around the globe.