Agriculture Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalists

Agriculture Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
Honors one of two types of Entrepreneur: one whose company effectively develops or enhances clean technology that helps move society to a cleaner, greener future; and second, a company that further innovates upon current agricultural practices helping local farmers but also has the possibility of global expansion.
Local I’a buys seafood directly from local fishers and distributes to the community islandwide. We shorten the local seafood supply chain in order to get the fishers fair trade and the consumer fresher fish!

Pawniolo Pets is dedicated to providing nourishing and biologically appropriate pet foods and treats that are made using local Hawai'i grown ingredients.

Symbrosia's natural seaweed feed additive reduces livestock methane emissions by 90% and makes animals more productive. Featured in The Verge, Forbes, and The Washington Post. Symbrosia breeds and cultivates fast-growing seaweed strains in Kona, Hawai'i and processes the seaweed into a pelleted product that can be fed with ration or blended with mineral on pasture here in Hawai'i.