Technology Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalists

Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award 
This award is meant to honor the geeky tech entrepreneur whose work has created new technology and innovation to make our lives more efficient, fun or better.

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioural economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions in aviation and marine transportation. Signol provides personalised feedback through multiple communication channels, and data analysis for managers. Our ambition is to reduce carbon emissions by helping pilots and captains optimise their own performance, reduce fuel consumption, cost and emissions.


LifeDNA - a pioneering personal genomics company - uses genetics to identify your unique requirements and provide you with recommendations for the perfect wellness solution. They offer nine different DNA-lifestyle reports to help you optimize your health and wellness.

Vanta Leagues is a youth esports league and development program for kids ages 9-14. Through expert coaching, mentorship, and proprietary development curriculums, we help gamers get better at the games they love - all while ensuring safety, fun, and teaching valuable life skills.