Agriculture / Clean Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

This award honors one of two types of entrepreneur: one whose company effectively develops or enhances clean technology that helps move society to a cleaner, greener future; and second, a company that further innovates upon current agricultural practices helping local farmers but also has the possibility of global expansion.

Island Harvest is committed to providing fresh and sustainable products. Founded by Nathan and Andrew Trump, Island Harvest grows organic macadamia nuts while building healthy soils and vibrant root systems. 

Kahuku Farms was founded by Kylie Matsuda-Lum and Judah Lum and they strive to connect food, people and ʻāina to increase diversified agriculture in Hawaiʻi. 

Hawaiʻi Farm Trails is a social/regenerative enterprise focusing on helping farmers thrive in our changing economy and climate. Kalisi Mausio, owner and CEO, created this program to explore agritourism and strengthen local agricultural businesses in Hawaiʻi.