Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists


This award is meant to honor the geeky tech entrepreneur whose work has created new technology and innovation to make our lives more efficient, fun or better.

Pear Suite, co-founded by Colby Takeda and Nick Lockett, is a social care navigation platform that will allow health care workers to provide culturally sensitive care navigation. With Pear Suite, health care organizations can better determine social drivers of health. 

Vanta Development Group is a youth esports development program. It was co-founded by Ed Lallier and Pat Cronin and designed for schools and academic associations to build a sustainable, holistic esports program. 

Founders, Karyn Nolan and Kristin Duin created Mappy for venues such as festivals, museums and theme parks. Mappy is a geospatial platform designed to help people find family, friends or amenities. Venues can also track guest movement patterns using data analytics.