Agriculture / Clean Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

This award honors two types of the Entrepreneur: one whose company effectively develops or enhances clean technology that helps move society to a cleaner, greener future; and second, a company that further innovates upon current agricultural practices helping local farmers but also has the possibility of global expansion. Our 2024 Agriculture / Clean Tech Entrepreneur of the Year finalists are Gunars Valkirs of Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate, Emma Bello of Sweet Land Farm, and Yishan Wong of Terraformation.
 Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate is a farm-to-bar chocolate company that operates its farm and factory in Lahaina. The chocolate factory is off-the-grid and powered by photovoltaic panels and Tesla batteries.
Sweet Land Farm has been a family run dairy goat farm since 2010 that makes artisan farmstead goat milk products like cheese, confections, and soaps.
Terraformation Hawai'i aims to restore the islands' forests to capture carbon and revitalize nature through native ecosystem restoration projects, seed banking, agroforestry operations, accessible technology, community engagement, and capacity building.