Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

This award is presented to the entrepreneur whose company has consistently seen month over month growth in revenue and customers with a consumer band based out of Hawaiʻi. Our 2024 Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneur of the Year finalists are Ethan West of Piko Provisions, Sandra Gibson and Mel Kelekolio of Kona Salt Farm Sea Salts of Hawaiʻi and Leala Humbert and Blaine Kusler of Ua Body.
Piko Provisions is connecting local families with healthy local food at their very first taste of life. From nourishing the next generation to regenerating local food systems, Piko Provisions works hand-in-hand with communities and farmers to restore the planet we've borrowed from our children.
Kona Salt Farm - Sea Salts of Hawaii harvests Hawaiian Sea Salt on their Salt Farm in Kona as well as Deep Ocean Magnesium. Educating buyers and visitor to our salt farm on the importance of the purity of the water source and natural salt harvesting process is a big part of what we do as well as sharing the cultural traditions of salt in Hawaii.
Ua Body is a unique Hawaiian-made, high-quality, ecofriendly, handcrafted skincare and fragrance brand representing the heart, soul and heritage of the Aloha spirt. Founded on a 30-year legacy, Ua Body encompasses all natural ingredients harvested and handmade in small batches on the Big Island of Hawaii from lotions and creams to scent mists and perfumes.