Corporate Intrapreneur of the Year

The Corporate Intrapreneur creatively challenges traditions and assertively makes changes in their company culture to ensure fellow employees in their environment and their field are engaged and provides the platform to be intrapreneurial. This company encourages intrapreneurs to seize opportunities by solving problems and takes the required actions, utilizing resources to make innovation happen. 
Our 2024 Corporate Intrapreneur of the Year is Micah Kāne, President & CEO of Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (HCF). Since assuming leadership in 2017, Kāne has demonstrated dynamic and innovative leadership, notably during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and Maui Wildfires, as well as through the implementation of the CHANGE initiative. Under his guidance, HCF has significantly expanded its impact and adaptability by addressing both long-term community needs through programs, stakeholder partnerships, and philanthropic endeavors, and swiftly responding to immediate crises to provide vital community support.