People’s Choice of Startup Paradise Finalists

This award is for the startup that the Innovation Community believe best represents the interests of Startup Paradise. This company serves as an example for others to follow based on their successes, popularity, and the unwavering support of their fellow community members. 
Hā Tonics is a Hawaiian superfood and beverage company designed to perpetuate ancestral healing practices and empower endemic agriculture.
Hawaii Candy Factory (NOMS) creates Hawaii's favorite local-style candy! Combining familiar candies with island flavors, Noms embodies Hawaiʻiʻs local and island spirit.
Kahiau Poke was born from the commitment of providing fresh, sustainable poke and provisions to our community, along with Hawaiian specialties sourced locally. From our acclaimed limu kohu chili pepper water to fish jerky our Chinatown storefront is the go-to destination for fresh Poke and Provisions. Providing a flavorful hub for daily lunches, weekend pupus, as well as special celebrations.
UBAE is a dessert shop highlighting the widely used Filipino flavor, ube (purple yam). They create desserts from cheesecakes, to cookies, to vegan soft serve.
Maui Chili Chili Oil is a Szechuan-style chili oil with crunchy garlic and onion bits that can turn any dish into delish. They are created in small-batches on Maui and is available in mild, medium and spicy heat levels.