Student Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

The purpose of this award is to honor our younger members of the innovative community. When picking out a Student Entrepreneur, we want to see if they have the passion for learning new things, the tenacious spirit of an entrepreneur, can be an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs, and whether their current company has potential for growth. Our 2024 Student Entrepreneur of the Year finalists are Daniella Pasion of illicitlover, Tahiya Kahaulelio of Kahaulelio Candle Company LLC, and Amelia Stucker of Zingipop Sodaworks.
illicitlover is a small business that sells scented hand designed hanging car air fresheners.
Kahaulelio Candle Company is a local Hawaiian-owned business that helps to shed light on Hawaiian culture through unique and all natural candle products! Many aspects of Hawaiian history are not known worldwide the owner takes pride in bringing awareness to Hawaiian culture.
Zingipop Sodaworks is a craft soda company based in Honolulu dedicated to supporting local agriculture. Every soda is hand-crafted using 100% local ingredients and lightly sweetened with honey for a refreshing take on what soda can be.