Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

This award is meant to honor the geeky tech entrepreneur whose work has created new technology and innovation to make our lives more efficient, fun or better. Our 2024 Tech Entrepreneur of the Year finalists are Amber Imai-Hong, Luke Clements, Christopher Amendola, and Frances Zhu of Mahina Aerospace, Ricky Uy of KOMODO HAWAIʻI, and Mina Singson-Brightman, Sebastian Borys and Kim Andreello of 40hammocks.
40Hammocks makes group trip planning easy and engaging. It is a start-to-finish travel technology that connects groups to premium destinations and travel experiences at discounted rates.
KOMODO HAWAI'I creates and publishes video games and creative software products. Their upcoming project NIUHI is a fun manga platform that inspires people to connect and learn foreign languages.
At Mahina Aerospace, our mission is to lead the way in accessible and innovative solutions within the CubeSat technology field, propelling advancements in space exploration through a low-cost cubesat kit. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in small satellite technology, we aspire to create a world where access to space is within reach for everyone, thereby redefining the possibilities of space innovation.