Meet our Award Winners & Finalists

This honor recognizes the most outstanding individual or entity that has contributed significantly to investing in the Hawaii startup ecosystem – not only in the literal capital definition, but also in terms of their investment in the community.
The winner of this award is the individual or team that has gone above and beyond expectations with their company. Through sheer determination, this individual or team has built a successful business and serve as a clear example of success to other Startup Paradise entrepreneurs.
This award recognizes the Startup Paradise company that received the largest financial deal during 2020. This can be the closing of a round, a merger, or other type of exit.
Startup Paradise Champion is someone who consistently contributes to the startup community. These contributions consist of supporting, promoting and building a successful startup culture and ecosystem in Hawaii.
This award is to honor the most impactful innovation that has helped our island state – truly solving a problem in our own backyard, our mountains, our beach, our aina. This innovation inspires and celebrates an innovation, entrepreneur or company that has shown leadership and commitment to tackling a significant problem in our state.
Honors one of two types of Entrepreneur: one whose company effectively develops or enhances clean technology that helps move society to a cleaner, greener future; and second, a company that further innovates upon current agricultural practices helping local farmers but also has the possibility of global expansion.
The award is intended to honor an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial company that makes a substantial contribution to Hawaii. The award recipient will have contributed to non-profit organizations or community volunteer efforts. The Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award celebrates those entrepreneurs and companies that have shown leadership, innovation and commitment to being a part of efforts to solve our state’s toughest problems.
This award is presented to the Entrepreneur whose company has consistently seen month over month growth in revenue and customers with a consumer brand based out of Hawaii.
The purpose of this award is to honor our younger members of the innovative community. When picking out a Student Entrepreneur, we want to see if they have the passion for learning new things, the tenacious spirit of an Entrepreneur, can be an inspiration to other young Entrepreneurs, and whether their current company has potential for growth.
This award is meant to honor the geeky tech entrepreneur whose work has created new technology and innovation to make our lives more efficient, fun or better.
This award is for the startup that the Innovation Community believe best represents the interests of Startup Paradise. This company serves as an example for others to follow based on their successes, popularity, and the unwavering support of their fellow community members.